Supporting carers at work

Carers are probably hidden amongst your workforce already.
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One in nine of the workforce is a carer.

Many carers struggle to balance their work and caring responsibilities, others feel they have to make a choice between the two. Supporting staff with their emotional wellbeing needs is not only the right thing to do as a responsible employer, but also has a positive impact on the productivity of your workforce. Where an employer is made aware of an employee with caring responsibilities, they can take simple, effective action to enable carers to balance their caring and work responsibilities.

Carer friendly places to work

Employers can make the workplace more accessible for people with caring responsibilities. Some employers have introduced flexible working arrangements and emergency leave so that carers can continue to work while managing their caring responsibilities. 

Supporting Carers at Work

Employees do not legally have to notify their employer that they are a carer. However, in a healthy working environment, carers are more likely to notify someone of their responsibilities and be more cooperative with their managers. Generally checking on a team member’s wellbeing regularly during catch-ups and/or appraisals can encourage open dialogue with employees and provide opportunities for employees to raise anything that may be impacting their general wellbeing.


How can we support carers in the community?

One of our primary goals is to raise awareness of caring in the community, including your work business.
There are many ways that you can support carers in the community. You can make a commitment on how you are going to do this. Examples include supporting your own staff that are carers, offering concessions or discounts for carers, adjusting your times for carers, offering free sessions, and raising awareness by displaying Carer Trust posters and having leaflets available.

How can we support employees that are carers?

  • Ask carers what will help them to successfully combine work and caring
  • What employers can do to help.
  • Allowing carers to leave mobile telephones on in meetings in case of emergencies.
  • Flexing start and finish times to help with caring commitments before and after work.
  • Allowing carers time and access to a telephone to check on the person they care for from time to time while working.
  • Surveys, focus groups and employee carer groups are all useful ways to find out what carers you employ would value.

Can we get involved with your charity?

Of course, many people get involved with the charity and share skills for carers to access. For example, a bank offered a money management course for our carers to access for free. If you would like to be involved then please get in touch.

Can we donate to your charity?

Yes, you can, and there are various ways to do that. You can request to donate a proportion of your salary to Solihull Carers Centre through Payroll Giving. Also, choose us as your charity of the year or support us at our next fundraising event. You can also do a one-off donation on our website.

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