We can all help improve the lives of carers
Whether you’re in health, education, or a business, we can all support carers in the community

How can we do this?

Professionals and businesses can support carers in their own settings. To begin with, it is important to recognise the carers in your own setting. Watching our videos with carers can help you to identify the carers around you and the challenges that they face.

In a health setting, you may help carers by managing their expectations and listening to them as experts in the care of your patient. In education, you could create a dedicated young carers lead and organise regular young carer groups. The challenge of work and caring is huge leading to some carers finding it difficult to continue working. Businesses can really help by becoming aware of the issues and responding with creating carer friendly work practices such as flexible working and emergency leave.

wavey line
wavey line


Supporting carers in the community involves multidisciplinary input from education, businesses, the voluntary sector and the health and social care services. Working together we can improve the lives of carers in Solihull.



Teachers, tutors, lecturers and support staff in primary and secondary schools, colleges, FE and HE.

health & Social care

health & social care

GP surgeries, clinical professionals in formal and informal settings e.g. pharmacies. Social workers and social care professionals.



Employers in all sectors.

Professionals stories

We hold regular information exchange meetings that bring together representatives from Health Watch, Solihull Advocacy, Travel Trainers, Alzheimer’s Society, University Hospitals Birmingham, Social Services complex Discharge and GP Social Prescribers from CAB and Gateway. This is an opportunity to talk to hem about their experiences and feeding back important information to the hospitals carers forum. This will help shape health professionals’ support for carers.
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What is it like to be a carer?

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Young carers in Solihull


Young Adult Carers in Solihull

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