Privacy Policy

1.0 How we use your information

We are a service that provides information, advice and support to unpaid carers of all ages in Solihull. To be able to carry out work we are required to hold up to date personal information. We hold all the identifiable information you share with us and records of activity you undertake with us.
Please be advised that we hold any information shared with us on our database. We will use contact details you’ve provided to us to keep in touch with you regarding support available to you from Carers Trust Solihull.


In line with the Data Protection regulations that came into force in May 2018 we will never share identifiable information without your consent, including names, contact details, bank details or medical information. The only exception to this would be if somebody is at risk of significant harm to themselves or others, or if a crime is committed. You can request to see information we hold, in writing.

2.0 Storing Information

Although we minimise the information we hold, any paper documents will be kept securely locked away and and electronic records will be held on our data management system Charity Log. This system is securely password protected. We also securely hold bank details for carers eligible for direct payment only. This information is kept confidential and used to support our work with you.

For more information on Data Protection – contact our office on 0121 788 1143

3.0 Who and how is it shared

We are required to submit monitoring forms to funders about our work with carers. We will never share personal information or in any way identify you or the person who requires care. To maximise support for you, we may also share information with other professionals about your engagement, only in your best interest and with your consent.

4.0 CARERS OVER 18 ONLY - QPOP (Quality Pathways Outcomes and Performance)

As we are funded by the Solihull Council to deliver services for carers and are required to submit statistical information about services and carers supported. But this data is provided in such a way as to make the carer unidentifiable.

5.0 Liquid Logic (LAS) Social Services Database

  • Carers Trust Solihull (formerly Solihull Carers Centre) is funded to carry out Carers Assessments on their behalf of Solihull MBC. If you request an assessment all this information will be stored on the Social Services database but allocated to our team. Such information is required to help carers to secure access to services, specific support and direct payments from the Council.
  • Completion of a consent form is required for you to receive services from us
  • You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us at our offices – contact details below.
  • Our Data Protection Officer is Brandon Scott-Omenka CEO

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