Aged 5-17? Do you help look after Someone?
If you look after someone that could not manage without your help you may be a young carer.
young carer
Young Carer
Young Carer

We care for young carers

Often young people think that looking after a family member is normal or it’s just what they do, but if you do this regularly and someone depends on your help, you are probably a carer. Young carers are children and young people whose lives are affected by caring for someone at home. Although there are lots positives to caring it can also be hard, take up your time and affect how you think and feel in good and bad ways. It can also affect your school and social life.

What is a young Carer?

You may be a young carer if you support someone at home by helping them do any of the following because they can’t do it themselves due to needing care and support. Here are some examples of the type of tasks you may do as a young carer:


Our support for carers

Young Carers Assessments

To help, we will carry out an assessment first. This helps us to understand what life is like for you as a young carer and helps you to find out what support you can get and how to get it. During your assessment we look at:
  • Tasks you carry out at home and for the person, you care for
  • How caring affects your social life, your physical and emotional health and your access to education
  • What support is already in place for you
  • What other support is available for you and your family

    Support Work

    Life is different for each young carer so the support we offer will be made to fit your own situation. You can also access one-to-one or group support work to get the help that’s right for you.

    Support workers can help you manage your feelings, worries about caring and share your ambitions or wishes while getting a chance to build your knowledge and skills around caring. You may want to know more about the condition of the person you care for or chat about your future.

    Events and activities and meeting other carers

    It is important for you to have time out from caring but it can be difficult to do that because of the price or you may not be able to join in because of caring. We provide free activities so that you get a chance to have fun, make new friends, be with others who understand, have time to yourself and do things you may not usually be able to

    Please look at our online calendar or newsletter to find out more.

    Peer Mentoring and Befriending

    Some of our experienced young adult carers volunteer their time to mentor other young carers who need a little extra help. These mentors are a great support as they have already been on a caring journey themselves. They know how to get the right help, do well in education and make time for fun around caring. We also have trained adult befrienders to support young carers.

    This support is available individually or in a group.


    We offer a range of training to support you in your caring role and young carers themselves design the programme. What we deliver has been informed by the carers steering group. In the past, we have provided training or workshops in: first aid, managing conflict, managing stress and pressure, self-esteem and self-confidence.

    Please look at our calendar or the newsletter for more details.

    carers stories

    It is critical for young carers to be identified early so they can get the right support at the right time. Young carers in Solihull tell their story of what it means to them to be a carer and how they have been supported. If you have a story to share, please contact us.