Do you help look after someone
We offer support to anyone caring for a family member or friend, at home or in the community.
adult carer
Adult Carer
adult carer

We are here to help you

Although caring can be deeply rewarding it can also be time-consuming, emotionally draining and physically tiring. Being an unpaid carer can prevent you from having time for yourself, looking after your needs or accessing work or further education.

We are here to help carers deal with the challenges they face and to maintain a quality of life around caring.

We support carers living in Solihull or who care for someone who lives in the borough.


Who is an unpaid Carer?

Many carers don’t realise that they are carers, they often think that they are just looking after family or a friend, it’s what they should do or is expected of them. If you care unpaid, for a family member or friend who couldn’t manage without your help, you are probably a carer. You could be caring for a relative, partner or friend who Couldn’t manage without your help due to their care needs.
adult carer
Adult carer
adult carer
adult carer
adult carer

Parent carers

We are one of the few areas that offer support to parent carers. Our dedicated support planning service for parents will enable you to take a step back, look at your caring role and explore and access support that is personal to you and the areas of your life that might be affected by caring.

Our support for carers

1:1 Emotional Support

A listening ear when you need one, you can call us on 0121 788 1143 and speak to one of our team.

​​Events and Activities

It is important for carers to have a break from caring. We offer a range of events and activities which provide much needed time out for carers. The range on offer is based on what carers say they would like so we deliver everything from relaxation sessions to trips to national trust properties and days out to the seaside. The person you care for can also attend some of the activities. Please refer to our online calendar to find out more.

​​Information and Advice

Although caring can be deeply rewarding, it can also consume a lot of time and energy emotionally and physically. Support Workers are available to help and advise you.