Carers Card

The Carers Identity Card is a very handy tool for carers. It has 3 main functions

  1. Quick access to emergency contacts
  2. Proof of being a carer
  3. Concessions and free entry to providers

You can use this for telephone numbers of whom to contact in an emergency and to alert others you are caring for someone who may need help back at home.

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We have enclosed details of venues and attractions that offer concessions. All concessions are dependent on you accompanying your cared for. Get into the habit of asking if there is a ‘carer’s concession’ at other venues as this will differ from place to place and it is worth asking every time. You should emphasise that you are accompanying a person unable to attend without your assistance. Please contact us if you are given a discount or concession so that we can let other carers know it is available to them.

Please call and check concessions in case the venue has changed their policy. If anything on our list is wrong, please let us know.

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