Trekking up Everest to Support Unpaid Carers in Solihull 

Trekking Up Everest To Support Unpaid Carers

A budding young accountant, Rohan Anand set off to reach new heights by trekking up Everest to raise funds for unpaid carers in Solihull. Rohan likes a challenge having already completed a month-long expedition across Zambia ending in community work to help build a preschool. Rohan began the Everest Base Camp Trek on Thursday 23 March 2023 and is due to complete it around 4-5th April.

Aware of the challenges that unpaid carers face, Rohan chose to raise funds for Carers Trust Solihull (CTS) who support carers of all ages. Rohan is also aware that more needs to be done to raise awareness of carers’ needs: “It is quite a hidden cause but we probably all know someone who is a carer supporting family or friends so it is easy to sympathise with it.” 

For CTS an unpaid carer is someone who is helping to look after family or friends who couldn’t manage with out their help. Carers can be as young as five years old and up to any age. Many people are not aware that they are a carer and that there is support available for them – they may just see it as being their duty but the additional emotional strain and workload can affect their own well-being. CTS exists to help with this, by providing emotional and practical support as part of a range of services including assessing carers’ needs, establishing a support plan as well as offering activities and events that give carers time out. Activities can be anything from a free day long or residential trip to relaxation sessions. Carers who register with CTS also gain access to some grants and financial support. 

To understand what it means to be a carer and the support available, CTS has produced a film called What is it like to be a carer? This film features carers in Solihull who benefit from the services. The CTS website and film can be viewed by clicking HERE.

Rohan has already raised over £1,000 via his GoFundMe page with contributions from a range of individuals who want to support the cause. Rohan also has the support of his colleagues at the international accountancy firm BDO, based in Birmingham:

If you wish to contribute to Rohan’s fundraising effort please visit his GoFundMe page here:











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