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If you are juggling work with looking after someone, you are not alone – there are five million working carers in the UK.  Juggling work and care can be very challenging, so it’s important to find out about your rights.
• The right to ask for flexible working hours
• The right to time off in emergencies

As well as these rights, employers might also offer additional support, e.g. you may be able to use leave, paid or unpaid, to cover periods when you may need to be at home caring. 

If you are struggling with work or feel you may have to give up your job due to caring or if your employer is asking questions about your attendance or if there is a problem – talk to them and explain your situation so they can understand and help you.

The Carers Leave Act 2023 will give carers new rights of flexibility and protection in the workplace. It will:

  • entitle you to one week’s unpaid leave per year for employees who are providing or arranging care for a relative or dependant
  • be available from the first day of their employment.
  • And more. 

To learn more about The Carers Leave Act 2023 click here.

Carers Trust Solihull can advise and assist you to exercise your rights in the workplace to ensure the person you care for and your employment, receive the best care and attention possible. 

You can call us on 0121 788 1143 or email us:

Someone will be there to help you.

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The following links break down the complicated language used in laws and legislations, to give you the facts and information you need to make the best possible choices.



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