It’s Volunteers Week!

How Volunteers Make a Difference at Carers Trust Solihull

Volunteering is the lifeblood of many charitable organisations, and Carers Trust Solihull is no exception. The dictionary defines a volunteer as “a person who does something, especially helping other people, willingly and without being forced or paid to do it.” But a volunteer is much more than that. There’s an old saying: “A volunteer doesn’t get paid because they are worth less, but because they are priceless.” And that’s what volunteers are—they are priceless. They give the one thing we are all running out of: time. They dedicate their time to something bigger than themselves, while gaining valuable experiences along the way. 


We support over 4,000 carers in Solihull, ranging from 5 years old to 96 years old. Our volunteers play a pivotal role in allowing us to help so many carers and to reach even more. We have a variety of volunteer roles, from our sitting service and admin roles to fundraising and telephone befriending. Here’s a brief look at some some of the roles our volunteers have and the vital work they contribute to our organisation…


Sitting Service Volunteers: Providing Respite for Our Carers

One of the most vital roles volunteers play is providing respite care through our Sitting Service. Unpaid carers often face immense physical and emotional strain, and having a break is crucial for their well-being. Our volunteers step in to give carers a much-needed rest by temporarily taking over their responsibilities. This respite allows carers to recharge, go out for a coffee, or even do a little shopping, all while knowing their loved ones are in capable hands. 

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Offering Emotional Support: Telephone Befrienders 

Caring for a loved one can be isolating and emotionally draining. Volunteers at Carers Trust Solihull offer a listening ear and emotional support to carers, helping them feel less alone. Through one-on-one interactions, support groups, and helpline services, volunteers provide comfort and companionship, making a significant difference in the lives of carers. 

Facilitating Social Activities: Events & Activities Volunteers 

To combat the isolation that many carers experience, we organise events, trips away, and social get-togethers. Our volunteers help organise and facilitate these activities and events. These activities provide carers with opportunities to connect with others who understand their situation, share experiences, and build a support network. From coffee mornings to group outings, these social events are a crucial aspect of community building at Carers Trust Solihull. 

Advocacy and Awareness: Volunteer Ambassadors 

Our Ambassador Volunteers play a crucial role in advocacy and raising awareness about the challenges faced by unpaid carers. By participating in campaigns, engaging with the public, and sharing stories, volunteers help to highlight the vital work that carers do and the support they need. This advocacy is essential for driving change and ensuring that carers receive the recognition and assistance they deserve.

Fundraising Efforts: Our Fundraising Legends

Fundraising is another critical area where volunteers make a significant impact. Through organising events, participating in sponsored activities, and engaging with local businesses and communities, volunteers help secure the funds needed to sustain and expand our services. These efforts ensure that we can continue to support carers effectively. 

Helping the Next Generation: Peer Mentors

Growing up is challenging enough, but being a young carer adds another layer of difficulty. Our Peer Mentors help the next generation of carers navigate these challenges, offering support, guidance and understanding from someone who’s been there.

THANK YOU To All Our Volunteers!

The contributions of volunteers at Carers Trust Solihull are invaluable. Their dedication and compassion enable us to provide more support to unpaid carers across Solihull, improving the quality of life for carers by ensuring they are not alone in their journey. Whether through providing telephone care, emotional support, practical assistance, or advocacy, volunteers are the true backbone of Carers Trust Solihull, making a profound difference in the lives of carers and their families. 

If you’re inspired by the incredible work volunteers do and want to make a difference, consider joining Carers Trust Solihull as a volunteer. 

Your time and skills could help transform lives and create a stronger, more supportive community for carers. Contact Anthony Hall on 0121 788 1143 or via email at


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