Health wellbeing information exchange

The Information Exchange, spearheaded by our own Health Engagement Officer Lin Hewitt, serves as a vital platform for local agencies to come together in a relaxed and informal setting, fostering collaboration and support within the community.

Held every three months, this gathering prioritises open dialogue rather than rigid presentations, allowing attendees to engage in conversations, share updates about their services, and cultivate strong connections and cross-referrals between agencies.

The overarching goal is to optimise the local support available for both carers and service users, promoting a network of mutual assistance and empowerment.

The most recent meeting, held on the 11th January 2024 at Three Trees Chelmsley Wood, marked a significant milestone as it represented the first face-to-face gathering since the Covid-19 pandemic. With 14 representatives in attendance, each representing a different project area within their respective organisations, the exchange brought together a diverse array of perspectives and expertise. Participants included Solihull Lifestyle Service, Cuppa Squad, Solihull Active, Gateway Family Services, Solihull Age UK, Citizens Advice Solihull, and Creative SupportThe breadth of representation ensured a rich and varied exchange of information, providing a fertile ground for learning and collaboration.

During the gathering, a summary of the Mental Health and Wellbeing Service offered in Solihull was shared, shedding light on the support available within the local community. This exemplified the essence of the Information Exchange as a platform for sharing essential insights, fostering connections, and promoting a collective approach towards supporting the well-being of individuals within the community.

Reflecting on the meeting, attendees expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to connect and engage with their peers. One participant remarked on how there is “so much fantastic work/opportunities on offer within our Borough”.

Another particpant expressed “It was great to see everyone at the Information Exchange this morning. Thank you for the invite!” This emphasises the value of these interactions, underlining the significance of such collaborative engagements.

The Information Exchange stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and open dialogue in enhancing support for carers and service users. It serves as a vital platform for promoting the well-being of the community. As the exchange continues to evolve and adapt to changing circumstances, its impact on local support networks and the individuals they serve remains invaluable.

Looking ahead, plans for future meetings are already underway, with a commitment to ensuring accessibility through both face-to-face and digital formats throughout 2024. For those interested in participating in these upcoming exchanges, reaching out to Lin Hewitt at will provide access to the latest updates and scheduling information.

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