Parent Carers Story, Amy


I think if I had to describe being a carer in one word it would be exhausting. Physically exhausting, mentally exhausting and emotionally exhausting.

It’s like you are juggling balls like everybody else but some of yours are heavier and some of them are so fragile that you are frightened that the ball won’t stay in the air.

I think carers feel invisible as caring is a role you feel you should naturally do.

People look after their relatives or friends for a short while sometimes and think they know what a carer is. They don’t understand the long hours, the feeling of loss for a normal life, the guilt of wanting a break from it all. The things people take for granted like working, meeting up with friends or taking a little holiday are sometimes impossible.

If you are lucky you surround yourself with people who get it, people who understand and can empathise with your situation. Your tribe will be the ones to get you through the dark times and make you feel you can carry on no matter how hard days get.’

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