Nominate us to receive £1,000 from Benefact Group

The Benefact Group, is a family of financial services businesses, all sharing a common goal and ambition to give to charities and good causes. Ownded by it’s own charity – Benefact Trust – you can be assured they understand the needs of organisations with aims to change the lives of others.

Carers Trust Solihull is one such organisation.

With one minute of your time you can nominate us to be recipents of the Benefact Group’s ’12 Days of Giving’ draws. They will be donating £1,000 over 12 days to 120 charities.

You can nominate us to receive this tremendous generosity with just one minute of your time. Click the button below, all of our information will be automatically added, and it can change lives.

Should our information not appear automatically then you can search by using the following:

Charity number: 1092613

Charity name: Solihull Carers Centre

Charity type: Community

Thank you…

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