Long Covid Support

Long COVID means your symptoms carry on even after your COVID infection has resolved. It can also mean you are having new health problems after your COVID infection. Most COVID infections get better within the first 4 weeks.

Medical professionals say there are two types of long COVID:

  • Ongoing symptomatic COVID: When COVID symptoms carry on for 4 to 12 weeks.
  • Post-COVID Syndrome: When COVID symptoms carry on for over 12 weeks.

If you have long COVID, there are lots of different symptoms which can change over time.

Watch the discussion below featuring our CEO Brandon Scott-Omenka, Health Liaison Worker Linda Hewitt, and Charlotte Wade from the NHS Long Covid Team.

Recorded during Carers Week 2023, it’s aim is to highlight all the numerous symptoms associated with Long Covid and how it still plays a daily interfence in the lives of so many individuals. Carers Trust Solihull has observed a dramatic rise of carers caring for those suffering with Long Covid symptoms. Furthermore, carers themselves are affected by the disease while fulfilling their caregiving responsibilities. 

We want to highlight the importance of Long Covid. Although the world may have re-opened after lockdown, there are still people suffering from the effects of Covid-19. However, the resources available to them are limited, while we still try to understand the effects of Long Covid. 

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