Interactive map for Solihull and Birmingham

Are you struggling to find things to do, or people and places to see in and around the solihull and birmingham areas?

Solihull Council have created an interactive map showing hundreds of groups, organisations and places, that may be of interest to you. You can find the map below, or more information and the map here:

Here at Carers Trust Solihull we are working hard on our own interactive map to help unpaid carers find the charities, groups, organisations and people, to best help and benefit you.

We will be focusing on free/cheap activities for carers of all ages. As well as sharing all of our online meet-ups and events, and regularly held in-person meet-ups, plus so much more!

We hope this means you will have a wider network of like-minded people to meet and talk with. We understand how isolation can be a huge impact on the mental health of everyone but especially our unpaid carers. So, when the map has been finalised and published you will have resources available to better combat isolation but also to better plan and organise respite, care, and further assistance for yourself and the person you care for.

If you have any suggestions or tips on some hidden gems then please let us know on our social media (linked below) and we’ll add them to the ever growing list 🙂

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Raising awareness with BBC Radio WM

Our own Pauline Manby shared with Merisha Stevenson of BBC Radio WM, the work we do to help support and raise awareness for unpaid carers. Watch the segment here.

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