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We know it can often feel isolating as a carer; even those closest to us can struggle to fully understand. We have found that peer support can be incredibly beneficial for carers, as there is often no one who understands a carer’s challenges like another carer who has gone through similar experiences. At our monthly meet-ups, carers can share their experiences and access support and guidance. However, we understand that attending meet-ups is not always possible, and many are missing out on this vital connection of support. This is why we are highlighting the Carers UK forum, Carers Connect, as another viable access point for information, guidance, and support from those who know it best—carers.

“By joining Carers UK, you’ll be part of a supportive community and movement for lasting change. Whether you’re caring for someone and need support, or a professional looking to connect and share best practice, join us and together we can help make life better for carers.”

It is an online community for connecting carers with 24/7 support and is brimming with personal experiences that can help you find the help you need or just vent to those who understand exactly what you’re going through. You can also share your successes and help others achieve their goals, or find much-needed respite in moments of crisis. We believe that by joining Carers Connect, you will also be able to combat one of the, if not the number one issue we hear about from carers: loneliness.

With 500 carers joining the forum every month, you will find people going through the same or similar situations as you, asking the same questions, and offering broad and diverse advice. More than that, it gives you an opportunity to connect with other carers so you, just like they used to feel before joining, can realize that ‘it’s not just me. I’m not alone.’

So, we encourage all our carers to sign up and get connected; to join carers in your area and nationwide right now.”

What is a forum?

Think of it as a message board, similar to those you find in a corner shop or post office with notes pinned on the board, where people ask for a house exchange or advertise services. An online forum operates on a similar principle, except the board is infinite, allowing you to view messages from the past and well into the future. It is also private, restricted to only the carers (as the forum exclusively comprises carers) who choose to communicate there. This means that any advice, support, ideas, or solutions shared years ago will remain accessible for you today, tomorrow, and in the distant future.

The image illustrates the wide range of topics available that can benefit you. With hundreds of unpaid carers sharing their experiences and knowledge, the forum offers assistance and guidance across numerous categories and topics.

You are all experts through your experiences.

A sample of what's available

Get Involved

You can join for free and use the forums for free by clicking here: Join Carers Connect.

We understand that some individuals may encounter issues with the sign-up process, so we’ve created a little guide to assist you along the way. We believe you’ll manage just fine, as the process is designed to be as simple as possible. However, if you do require the guide, it’s right below. Simply click through the slides when you’re ready to proceed to your next step

Join the forum
Click "Join us for free" to get involved
Click here to go to page
Create an account
Just fill in your details and choose a username.
All finished!
You'll receive a welcome message
Now, let's login - click here
We suggest you first check "New to Carers Connect". It will help you find your footing.
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Fill in all your details. Boxes marked with an asterisk (*) are required and must be filled in. 

When you’re finished, you will receive a welcome message

We suggest you first check “New to Carers Connect”. 

It will help you find your footing on the forums.

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