Healthcare Liaison Volunteer

Position Overview: 

Healthcare Liaison Volunteers play a vital role in distributing essential information and offering support within healthcare settings. Representing Carers Trust Solihull, they provide guidance to visitors, help identify hidden carers in the Solihull borough, and collect non-confidential information. This role involves engagement in settings such as GP surgeries, pharmacies, and hospitals. 

Key Responsibilities: 

Information Dissemination: Distribute Carers Trust materials and resources to individuals in healthcare settings, including doctor’s surgeries, hospitals, and pharmacies. 

Engagement: Interact with visitors to identify carers and individuals who may know carers. 

Offer Assistance: Guide visitors to the Carers Trust Solihull website for further support and provide contact information for potential referrals. 

Supply Information: Promote Carers Trust by encouraging visitors to share information with friends, family, and workplaces. 

Data Collection: Gather non-confidential information and ensure accurate documentation of details. 

Coordination: Collaborate with the Health Engagement Lead to ensure effective communication and support. 

Skills and Qualifications: 

Empathy and Compassion: Ability to empathise with caregivers and provide compassionate support in a healthcare environment. 

Confidence: Comfortable engaging with diverse individuals and initiating conversations. 

Self-Motivation: Capable of working autonomously, demonstrating initiative, and proactively identifying opportunities to support caregivers. 

Organisation: Strong organisational skills to manage data collection, documentation, and communication effectively. 

Communication: Excellent verbal communication skills to interact with visitors, convey information clearly, and collaborate with the Healthcare Liaison Coordinator. 

Commitment: Dedication to the mission and values of Carers Trust, with a willingness to volunteer time regularly within healthcare settings. 


This role offers a meaningful opportunity to make a positive impact within healthcare settings by supporting caregivers and connecting them with essential resources and support services provided by Carers Trust Solihull. 

Time Commitment: 

This role requires a commitment of approximately three hours per week. 

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